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Drop Course Policy

​​​​​It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw officially from a course.  The student must drop a course by the deadline to avoid financial obligation to the college or to avoid receiving a "W", "F" or "NP" grade. Even if you never attended or stop attending the class, you owe the fees unless you officially drop before the refund date.
  • Last date to drop may vary depending on the course.

  • For withdrawal deadlines of your SPECIFIC class, refer to the Section Information in Self-Service by clicking on the Section Name and Title.

  • Students must drop in Self-Service.​

  • Students who cannot continue in a course have an obligation to​ withdraw officially. Students are encouraged to consult with instructors concerning class withdrawals. 

  • Students may officially withdraw on the web through the last day of the 12th week of instruction (or 75 percent of the class meetings, whichever is less and receive a transcript symbol of “W”. 

  • All instructor-initiated “EA’s” (excessive absence drops) through the 12th week or 75 percent of class meetings, whichever is less, will be assigned a “W”. 

  • The academic record of a student who remains in a class beyond the time allowed by district policy must reflect a symbol other than a “W”, except under extenuating circumstances. 

  • A student who has a withdrawal (grade of “W”) in the same course two or more times loses the privilege of online registration for that course and must receive the approval of the Associate Dean of Admissions or the Registrar to enroll in the same course. (See also Course Repeatability and Repetition.)