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COVID-19 Pass/No Pass Petition for Spring 2020

In response to the challenges and concerns some of you may have during the transition to Temporary Remote Instruction (TRI), Santiago Canyon College is extending the deadline for requesting a Pass/No Pass (P/NP) grading option until May 29, 2020 for the Spring 2020 semester.  You may download the petition here:  Spring 2020 P/NP Petition Due to COVID-19 Crisis

 Students selecting this option will receive a “P" for Pass (equivalent of grade C or better) or “NP" for No Pass (equivalent to a substandard grade of D or F) at the end of the semester.  Once you submit your petition, you cannot change the grading option back to a standard letter grade for Spring 2020.  A P/NP grade in Spring 2020 will not affect your progress/academic probation or dismissal status.  If you earn a NP for a course in Spring 2020, it will not count towards the permitted number of attempts.


Petitions will not be accepted without a SCC counselor review and signature.  To schedule a meeting with a SCC counselor, visit:


Submit your completed petition to Please allow 2-3 business for us to process your request.  You will receive a confirmation email when it has been approved and processed.


Important Information Regarding the P/NP Petition:

  • Petition Deadline:  May 29, 2020
  • This form can only be used to petition Santiago Canyon College (SCC) classes. Classes being offered by Santa Ana College (SAC) must be petitioned through SAC.
  • Some transfer institutions may require that certain courses be taken for a letter grade and/or may restrict the number of transfer units that may be taken Pass/No Pass. Consultation with a SCC counselor is required.
  • Before approval, student is acknowledging that the coursework being submitted may affect degrees and certifications already posted.
    For example, requesting P/NP for “D" grades removes units counted towards a degree, certificate or transfer requirement.
  • Student is responsible for submitting updated transcripts to all institutions, if needed.
  • “Pass" indicates an equivalent grade of C or better, and “No Pass" is the equivalent to a substandard performance (equivalent to a grade of D or F).
  • Petition will not be accepted without a counselor review and signature/approval.
  • Once this petition is submitted and approved, you may not request that it be reverted back to a standard letter grade.
  • For Spring 2020, Pass/No Pass will not affect your progress probation status.​