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Resources for Your Wellbeing


Campuswide​, Santiago Canyon College strives for an SCC student to be able to:

With Awareness of Self & the Local & Global Community of Persons  
  • Take responsibility for one’s own learning and wellbeing.
  • Learn about one’s chosen academic major, while creating connections across disciplines.
  • Learn about professional conduct, including workplace and community ethics, conflict management, and teamwork.  

With Clarity & Accuracy & in Diverse Environments        

  • ​Communicate ideas in a clear and articulate manner.
  • Communicate accurately to diverse audiences.
  • Communicate in various formats using diverse technologies.  
With Awareness of Self & the Local & Global Community of Persons  
  • Act to maintain one’s dignity and self-respect.
  • Act as a responsible community member who treats others with respect, civility, empathy, honesty and dignity
  • Act to increase the wellbeing of the global community by maintaining cultural literacy, lifelong learning, ethical consideration of each other, and the environment we all share. 
Critically, Creatively, and Reflectively
  • Critically analyze, evaluate, organize and use quantitative and q​​ualitative data to solve problems and develop logical models, hypotheses and beliefs.
  • Creatively use concepts to making learning relevant.
  • Reflectively assess one's values, assumptions, and attitudes.​

In addition to the pressures most students face to succeed academically, as an international student you also face the challenge of transitioning to a new academic and social culture. Your social and cultural wellness is important to your health and a major factor in your academic success. We in the International Student Office understand the transition to a new education system does not always happen so easily when there are so many new experiences occurring.

If you need to reach out and ask for assistance, the International Student Office is here to help guide you with the means to learn, communicate, act, and think for yourself in your new living environment. In addition, it is important to stay well researched in regards to academic requirements and nonimmigrant regulations. Your success is important to us! Below is a list of resources to help guide you during your studies in the United States.

On-Campus Resources

Academic Counseling

Provides the educational and personal counseling support and information that will enable students to strategically plan for success as they set goals that directly focus and align with their visualized educational, career, and personal outcomes. 

Visit the Counseling Center to:

  • Explore career and university transfer information
  • Develop career paths for undecided majors
  • Assess and interpret for placement in English, Reading, and Math
  • Receive one-on-one counseling
  • Complete educational planning and course selection
  • Attend application workshops for Cal State and University of California
  • Find a new approach to problems
  • Learn how to change self-defeating habits and attitudes
  • Recognize style, purposes, and values
Visit their website: Counseling Department
Schedule an appointment at 714-628-4800 - Be prepared to provide your student ID number.

Student Health & Wellness Services

Available health services include:
  • The diagnosis and treatment of acute short-term illnesses
  • Counseling
  • Birth control
  • Health maintenance and wellness promotion literature, and programs. 
  • Blood pressure checks & cholesterol monitoring
  • Tuberculin skin testing
  • Community referrals
  • First-aid care.
Helpful resources provided by the Student Health & Wellness Center: Helpful Links​

Online Resources

​Financial Aid for International Students​

Maintaining Your F-1 Status & Navigating the U.S. Education System

As policy updates occur, online resources straight from the source are your best bet to ensuring you are maintaining your status according to your specific situation. We recommend subscribing to the Study in the States emails to receive updates and blog posts pertaining to F-1 student benefits. Also, when experiencing a change in your situation, communicating early on with the International Student Office can allow for more time and options to help you make the right decision. 

The following links offer U.S. federally sponsored resources:

Tackling Unfamiliarity and Embracing Change

When people are in a new environment, differences and similarities between people are more often visible. The differences can highlight cultural, individual, and social factors that influence how we present ourselves and how we adapt to the different environment. People react differently within similar situations. It is 100% ok to react differently, but your personal and educational growth can benefit from understanding why.

The following resources provide helpful tools to self-understanding with new experiences, to allow for a more comfortable and healthy understanding of yourself and the world around you:

  • Active Minds​: Active Minds is opening up the conversation about mental health and creating lasting change in the way mental health is talked about, cared for, and valued in the United States.
  • Half of Us​: Their aim is to initiate a public dialogue to raise awareness about the prevalence of mental health issues and connect students to the appropriate resources to get help.
  • Skills You Need: A British resource aimed to provide quality, accessible help, and advice about how you might go about developing key life skills and reaching your full potential. They focus on personal, communication, leadership, presentation, and writing skills. Very detailed!

For questions or assistance on resources, contact Esther Meade at​