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Associate Degrees and Certificate Programs


​Santiago Canyon College offers over 145+ degrees and certificates. The degree and certificate programs listed on this page are available to F-1 students studying at Santiago Canyon College. Please note that some degree programs found in our college catalog are not approved for F-1 students because the required courses are held off-campus.


Are you applying for the English Language Program (ELP)? 

If so, select English Language Program on your International Student Application. Your major will be reported as "Language Training" on your Form I-20. If you continue into an​ associate degree program after the English Language Program (ELP), visit your DSO to update your academic major.​

When applying to SCC, please select a major listed below:

Accounting | ASGeneral Marketing | AS
Accounting | CAGeography | AA-T
American Sign Language | CAGeology | AS
Anthropology | AAGeology | AS-T
Anthropology | AA-THistory | AA-T
Art | AAKinesiology | AA-T
Art: Digital Media Arts- Graphic Design | CALiberal Arts: Arts, Humanities & Communication | AA
Art: Graphic Design | ASLiberal Arts: Mathematics & Sciences | AS
Astronomy | ASLiberal Arts: Multi-Cultural Studies | AA
Biology | ASLiberal Arts: Multi-Cultural Studies | AA
Biology | AS-TLiberal Arts: Social & Behavioral Sciences | AA
Biotech Laboratory Technician: Food Safety | CALiberal Arts: Social & Behavioral Sciences | AA
Biotechnology | ASMathematics | AS-T
Biotechnology Biomanufacturing Technician | CAModern Languages | AA
Business Administration | ASNutrition and Dietetics | AS-T
Business Administration | AS-TPhilosophy | AA-T
Business Management | ASPhysics | AS-T
Business Management: Entrepreneurship | ASPolitical Science | AA-T
Business Management: Entrepreneurship | CAPsychology | AA-T
Chemistry | ASPublic Works: Code Enforcement and Compliance | AS
Child and Adolescent Development | AA-TPublic Works: Code Enforcement and Compliance | CA
Child and Adolescent Development | AA-TPublic Works: Construction Inspection | AS
Communication | AAPublic Works: Construction Inspection | CA
Communication Studies | AA-TPublic Works: Construction Management | AS
Computer Information Systems | ASPublic Works: Construction Management | CA
Computer Information Systems | CAPublic Works: Environmental Management | AS
Computer Science | ASPublic Works: Environmental Management | CA
Computer Science | AS-TPublic Works: Management | AS
Computer Science | CAReal Estate | AS
Computer Science: Comp Retail Sales & Support | CAReal Estate | CA
Counseling: Social Work and Human Services | AA-TSocial Justice Studies: Chicano | AA-T
CSU General Education Breadth | CASocial Justice Studies: Ethnic | AA-T
Digital Media Arts: Mobile Application Dev | CASocial Justice Studies: Gender | Aa-T
Early Childhood Education | AS-TSocial Justice Studies: General | AA-T
Early Childhood Education | AS-TSociology | AA
Earth Sciences | ASSociology | AA-T
Economics | AASpanish | AA-T
Economics | AA-TStudio Arts | AA-T
Elementary Education | AASurvey/Mapping Sci: Land Surveying | AS
Elementary Teacher Education | AA-TSurvey/Mapping Sci: Land Surveying | CA
English | AAWater Utility Science: Water Distribution | AS
English | AA-TWater Utility Science: Water Distribution | CA
Gemology | ASWater Utility Science: Water Treatment | AS
Gemology | CAWater Utility Science: Water Treatment | CA
General Biotechnology Technician | CAWater Utility Science: Wastewater/Envir Sanitation| AS
General Management | ASWater Utility Science: Wastewater/Envir Sanitation| CA

* For a fully detailed list of academic degrees and certificate programs, see page 36 of the college catalog: Associate Degree and Certificate Programs (​SCC Catalog)​

Programs leading to university transfer do not necessarily reflect the transfer requirements of specific schools. Santiago Canyon College offers academic counseling (Counseling Department) and transfer workshops (Transfer Center) to strategically assist students in completing their transfer objectives.​