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International Students Handbook


We are very happy to present you with this copy of the International Student Handbook. This guide was created with the utmost desire to familiarize you with your new home and school. We understand that being in a new country can be challenging, so please know that we are here to provide you with direction and support. You will have many questions as you proceed through the semester, and this booklet will help you find the answers you are seeking.

As you begin to review this booklet you will see that it will provide you with tips on coping with being away from home and in an unfamiliar environment, and preparing to be successful in your selected academic field. Although if you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the faculty and staff of the International Student Program as well as others on campus. We are here to help you have an enjoyable and successful academic experience.

Thank you for choosing Santiago Canyon College (SCC). We welcome you as a valuable member of the SCC campus community. 


The international student program mission is to be dedicated to a meaningful educational and cultural experience for international students enrolled at SCC. In partnership with staff, faculty and administration, we will strive to ensure that our students are enriched academically, socially and culturally and that in the process, we will make a significant contribution to cross-cultural understanding and exchange. 

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