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Things You Need to Know About ELP

  • ATTENDANCE: Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • 16-week semester start dates: February – June & August – December
  • 8-week mini-semester start dates: April – June, June – August & October – December
  • Absence: No more than 12 hours for the full 16-week semester or 6 hours for the 8-week mini-semester.
  • If a student misses more than the hours allowed, the student's I-20 will be terminated and the student will have to leave the U.S.
  • TOEFL: All ELP students will take TOEFL at the end of the semester. Students that score 450 points or higher on the TOEFL will take the college placement test.
  • Students that do not pass the required TOEFL score to enroll in the college credit program must enroll in the next session of ELP.
  • Test of English Language Development (TELD) Placement Test: Only students with a TOEFL score of 450 points or higher will take the college TELD placement test.
  • Students that score below 450 points on the TOEFL will not take the college placement test.
  • ELP Duration of Study: Maximum one year. Students have one year to pass TOEFL and transfer to college.
  • Travel: If ELP students want to travel for the holidays, they must bring in proof they are exiting the country. (For example, a purchased airline ticket.)

Do not purchase a ticket for travel before you speak with the advisor at the International Student Program Office. Without doing so may result in having to make changes to your travel plans, and there may be additional costs involved in making those changes.

  • Summer session is required for ELP students unless they are traveling outside of the U.S. Proof of exit must be submitted at the International Student Program Office and a new I-94 MUST be submitted when students return to the U.S.


Once testing requirements are completed with required passing scores, students are ready to enroll in college level courses.

Make sure to:

  • Communicate with the International Student Program Office
  • Follow the International Student Program representative's recommendations
  • Attend the mandatory Orientation