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Health Insurance

Medical care in the Unites States is very expensive. Unexpected expenses can mount up quickly. Without health insurance, a student may rapidly exhaust financial resources intended for education. Therefore, all international students are required to purchase and maintain medical insurance coverage prior to registration for classes. Maintaining the medical coverage that is offered through the International Student Program is a condition of admission to SCC.


  • To enroll in the Santiago Canyon College International Student Plan, visit the following website: If a student is sponsored by their government, they can provide valid proof of such coverage.
  • If you enrolled in the health insurance plan via SCC, make sure you go to health providers and hospitals that accept the Santiago Canyon College insurance plan. Participating providers can be searched online.


Insurance coverage must be effective from the first day of classes until the final day of the semester. Keep in mind that if you change your visa status or you terminate your F-1 status, you are no longer eligible for coverage under the insurance plan.


For more information about enrollment and cancellation of the medical coverage, contact the International Student Program Office.