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Success Stories



Student Fuai'api Hauser and Former ASC Coordinator Flo Zysman


  Dear All



I would like to thank you so much for all your help during my first time ever in college, which was Spring and Summer Semester of 2011.

Dr. Lamourelle, you were so helpful and very encouraging in pushing me to finish my Human Development Class with an "A". You were so considered and very responsive despite it was an online class and there were many of us. You've reached out in so many ways.

 Jasser, again thank you for being cool in class and accepting me as who I am. With that, I've managed to stay afloat in your class and get another "A". Wow, life is much more simple when having cool psychologist like you around.

 Zysman, I would like to thank you personally for your assisting me in how to get into "blackboard" program on the first day of my class. I had no idea what the heck is this program, let alone being my first time in college after graduating from Tonga High School in 1985, however I came into the Academic Success Center using their computer and here you are, awaiting with helping hand and big heart. You were there to help me and you did. I remember I came to your office and said, thank you for your help, but I'm quitting because I do not know how to use "blackboard". You left everything else on your desk, came out and show me how to use it and you made me "promise" you that I won't quit. I remember I said "I promised", and here I am, still going and going.

 The staff at your center are so helping, with Veronica Quinonez, that smiles on her face, that's all it takes for me. She is always positive and encouraging, even showing me how to use a "flash drive". This center is so helpful for people who needs quiet time and computer access, like me. Well, now I finally save up and bought myself a "laptop" and that's why you do not see me at your center anymore. 

Again, I'm happy to say that you people are the foundation of my "college life". I am enrolling for two more classes at Fall and on and on. Using "blackboard" is my cup of tea!

 Thank you again, SCC staff are so helpful in any department I've been to. You are walking an extra mile which helps me and others to accomplish our dreams.

 Wish you all the best. 

Fuai'api Hauser