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Library Conditions of Use

The Lorenzo A. Ramirez​ Library is designed as a place for reading, studying and using library resources by the College's students, faculty and staff.  The Conditions of Use listed below are conducive to establishing a learning/study environment that is safe, quiet, and accessible to all users.

All SCC and Santa Ana College (SAC) students are expected to comply with these Conditions of Use  and  the “Standards of Student Conduct" (BP 5500)​ issued by the Board of Trustees of the Rancho Santiago Community College District when using the Library. 

Community users are welcome to use the SCC Library as detailed in its “Community Users" policy which addresses user eligibility and borrowing rules; and the “High School Students" policy.  While in the library, community users are expected to comply with the Library's Conditions of Use detailed below:

Conditions of Use

  1. ​No disruptive talking and/or behavior.
  2. No disorderly conduct or behavior which places at risk the health and safety of its users.
  3. No use, possession, distribution, or being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
  4. Beverage containers with lids are allowed
  5. No eating or food in the library.
  6. No smoking, tobacco use, e-Cigarettes, or vaping.
  7. Cell phones must be on silent or vibrate mode.
  8. No cell phone conversations in library open areas.
  9. No use of electronic equipment that disturbs other library users.
  10. Minors need to be accompanied by an adult while in the library.
  11. No animals except service animals.  (BP 3440 Service Animals and AR 3440 Service Animals)
  12. No weapons.
  13. No gambling.
  14. No theft, mutilation or damage of library property.
  15. No photography, videotaping or filming in the library (SEE: Library's  Photography, Videotaping and Filming Policy)
  16. No solicitation activities by non-College/District sanctioned organizations or individuals.
  17. No unauthorized possession or use of library material or equipment.
  18. No unauthorized entry into staff offices or work rooms.


​It is strongly preferred that library users police themselves and comply with Library's Conditions of Use.

 Revised:  11/29/2018