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E-reference services via e-mail and online chat are intended for the students, faculty, administrators, and staff of Santiago Canyon College [SCC]. 

  • These services are most useful for questions that require a short answer
  • These services are available Monday through Saturday when classes are in session and the Library is open [See: Library Hours].

 Inquiries from outside the SCC community are answered as time and resources permit.

Service Guidelines:

      For in-depth research assistance, please see the Reference Librarian during library open hours.

        E-Reference assistance advises on:

  • Short factual inquiries
  • Starting points for research , e.g.,
    • Which resources to use, i.e., library catalog, databases, etc.
    • Suggestions about search strategies
  • Help on using library databases
  • Questions about Library services and facilities, e.g., connecting from home, wireless access, etc.

       Non SCC-users may be referred to another community library or asked to visit the SCC Library in person for additional assistance.

-Around Time


Online Chat


Chat reference ends 30 minutes before Library closing time.


After hours, please submit inquiries  submitted via  E-mail reference [SEE box at right]





Responses will be sent ASAP within one working day but response time may vary, depending on the nature of the question.


Submit e-mail reference below:


Some Types of Questions the Library Does Not Answer:

        The Library does not interpret assignments or other material.

        No medical, legal, or financial advice is given.

        Questions requiring in-depth research


Portions adopted from UC Irvine, Cal State Los Angeles & Santa Monica College

e-reference pages.

Sept. 2008