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Get Specific!  Explore subject databases to find scholarly articles and more


Google EXTREME!   Unleash the hidden power of Google with advanced search options


Research in Your Pjs!  Learn SmartSearch, the one-stop search tool that combines a variety of online resources in one easy search!      


Uncover and Discover!  Locate and access books and eBooks in the SCC Library and beyond!


What the CRAAP?   Evaluate web sites and find the Current, Relevant, Authoritative, Accurate and Purposeful  sites!


Write it!  Cite it!  Learn to use NoodleTools to create citations in MLA or APA format



Tues  Sept 9: 10:15 am,  Research in your Pjs!

Tues  Sept 16: 12:30 pm,  Uncover and Discover!

Tues  Sept 16: 5;00 pm, Get Specific!

Wed  Sept 17:  5:00 pm, Research in your Pjs!

Tues Sept 23: 12:30 pm, Google Extreme!

Wed Sept 30: 12:30 pm, Write it!  Cite it!

Tues Sept 30: 5:00 pm, What the CRAAP?

Wed October 8: 5:00 pm, Write it!  Cite it!

Tues Oct 28, 10:15 am, Research in your Pjs!

Wed Oct 29, 10:15 am, Google Extreme!