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Wireless Access

​​​Access to the wireless network for students 

Santiago Canyon College now offers wireless access to the Internet to currently enrolled students. If you have a wireless connection on your laptop you will be able to access the Internet in selected areas on campus. 

There is no cost for this service. You need to use​ your WebAdvisor ID & Password to login to wireless network.

 Access to the guest wireless network no longer requires a sponsor

Guest access to our wireless networks will no longer require a sponsor.  Guests will be able to connect and use their web browser to accept the terms of conditions and begin utilizing the Internet without your involvement.  Access will last for 24 hours, at which point the user will be required to re-accept the terms.  Students should be encouraged to continue to utilize the designated Students network for the best internet performance.

Security prompt on Apple devices

Apple products that connect to the RSCCD.ORG or RSCCD.INST wireless networks may experience the below certificate prompt when establishing a connection as a result of above policy changes.  Please click the Accept button to continue utilizing wireless service on your device.  You should only receive the prompt once.


Revised:  December 4, 2018