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New DVD Titles, Spring 2019

New DVDs with link
Star is born PN1997.2 .S736 2019Star is born c2019.
Deadpool 2 PN1997.2 .D432 2018Deadpool 2 c2018.
Beauty and the Beast PN1997 .B438 2017Beauty and the Beast c2017.
Bron = The bridge = Broen. PN1992.77 .B753 2017Bron = The bridge = Broen. c2017.
Breakfast at Tiffany's PN1997 .B745 2017Breakfast at Tiffany's c2017.
Bron = The bridge = Broen. PN1992.77 .B753 2015Bron = The bridge = Broen. c2015.
4 Denzel Washington favorites PN1997.A1 D46 20144 Denzel Washington favorites c2014.
Bron = The bridge = Broen. PN1992.77 .B753 2014Bron = The bridge = Broen. c2014.
Mulan Mulan II / PN1997.A1 M85 2013Mulan Mulan II / c2013.
Cage aux folles PN1997 .C344 2013Cage aux folles c2013.
Tokyo story PN1997 .T65 2013Tokyo story c2013.
Pocahontas PN1997.A1 P63 2012Pocahontas c2012.
Hereafter PN1997.2 .H474 2011Hereafter c2011.
Sherlock Holmes a game of shadows PN1997.2 .S547 2011Sherlock Holmes a game of shadows c2011.
Lone star PN1997 .L664 2010Lone star c2010.
Sherlock Holmes PN1997.2 .S547 2010Sherlock Holmes c2010.
One hundred and one dalmatians PN1997 .O54 2008One hundred and one dalmatians c2008.
Madame de-- PN1997.2 .M3326 2007Madame de-- c2007.
Vicar of Dibley. PN1992.77 .V533 2007Vicar of Dibley. c2007.
Langdon collection PN1997.A1 L36 2006Langdon collection c2006.
Henry V PR2812.A23 O45 2006Henry V c2006.
Grey's anatomy. PN1992.77 .G7497 2006Grey's anatomy. c2006.
Bad boys PN1997.2 .B33 2006Bad boys c2006.
Grey's anatomy PN1992.77 .G7497 2006Grey's anatomy c2006.
Far from Heaven PN1997.2 .F374 2003Far from Heaven c2003.
Terminal Island PN1997 .T476 2003Terminal Island c2003.
West Wing. PN1992.77 .W44 2003West Wing. c2003.
Ox-Bow incident PN1997 .O93 2003Ox-Bow incident c2003.
Red scorpion PN1997 .R436 2002Red scorpion c2002, 1989.
Are you being served? : the movie PN1995.9.C55 A74 2002Are you being served? : the movie c2002, [1977].
Suddenly naked PN1997 .S83 2000Suddenly naked c2000.
Crying game PN1997 .C79 2014Crying game c1992.
Halloween PN1997.2 .H355 2019Halloween 2019.
First man PN1997.2 .F577 2019First man 2019.
Hunter killer PN1997.2 .H868 2019Hunter killer 2019.
Rampage PN1997.2 .R36 2018Rampage 2018.
Star Wars. PN1997 .S754 2018Star Wars. 2018.
Avengers. PN1997.2 .A94 2018Avengers. 2018.
Isle of dogs = Ino no shima PN1997.2 .I85 2018Isle of dogs = Ino no shima 2018.
Black Panther PN1997.2 .B5335 2018Black Panther 2018.
Darkest minds PN1997.2 .D395 2018Darkest minds 2018.
Venom PN1997.2 .V46 2018Venom 2018.
Equalizer, PN1997.2 .E68 2018Equalizer, 2018.
Mission: Impossible. PN1997.2 .M577 2018Mission: Impossible. 2018.
Magnificent Ambersons PN1997.2 .M34 2018Magnificent Ambersons 2018.
Ready player one PN1997.2 .R435 2018Ready player one 2018.
Crazy rich Asians PN1997.2 .C739 2018Crazy rich Asians 2018.
Sicario. PN1997.2 .S533 2018Sicario. 2018.
Tomb raider PN1997 .T66 2018Tomb raider 2018.
Quiet place PN1997.2 .Q44 2018Quiet place 2018.
Rider PN1997.2 .R53 2018Rider 2018.
Ant-Man and the Wasp PN1997.2 .A58 2018Ant-Man and the Wasp 2018.
Solo : a Star Wars story PN1997 .S755 2018Solo : a Star Wars story 2018.
Passion de Jeanne d'Arc PN1997 .P363 2018Passion de Jeanne d'Arc 2018.
Annabelle. PN1997 .A56 2017Annabelle. 2017.
God's own country PN1997.2 .G638 2017God's own country 2017.
Whole truth PN1997.2 .W563 2017Whole truth 2017.
Everything, everything PN1997.2 .E94 2017Everything, everything 2017.
Parapluies de Cherbourg = The umbrellas of Cherbourg PN1997 .U43 2017Parapluies de Cherbourg = The umbrellas of Cherbourg 2017.
Get out PN1997.2 .G48 2017Get out 2017.
Bambi PN1997 .B36 2017Bambi 2017.
Tangled PN1997.2 .T364 2016Tangled 2016.
Exposed PN1997.2 .E96 2016Exposed 2016.
Chimes at midnight PN1997 .C455 2016Chimes at midnight 2016.
Deadpool PN1997.2 .D432 2016Deadpool 2016.
Hollow crown. PN1992.77 .H65 2016Hollow crown. 2016.
Bourne identity PN1997.2 .B68 2016Bourne identity 2016.
Legend of Tarzan PN1997.2 .L444 2016Legend of Tarzan 2016.
Absolutely fabulous : the movie PN1992.7 .A27 2016Absolutely fabulous : the movie 2016.
Little boy PN1997.2 .L58 2015Little boy 2015.
Aladdin PN1997.A342 D612 2015Aladdin 2015.
Knock knock PN1997.2 .K66 2015Knock knock 2015.
Homeland. PN1992.77 .H66 2017Homeland. [2017]
Stealing beauty PN1995.9.L6 S743 2001Stealing beauty [2001], c1996.
Behind the sun PN1997 .B44 2001Behind the sun [2001]