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Internet Search

When evaluating results from an Internet search, it is important to keep in mind their:
  • Currency: When was the information published or posted? Is the date the information was revised or updated listed?​ Do you spot any out-of-date information? Are the links on the site functional?
  • Relevance: Does the information relate directly to your topic or answer your question? Who is the indended audience of the information? Is the information written at an appropriate level?​
  • Authority: Who is the author, publisher, source, or sponsor of the information? Are the author's credentials or organizational affiliations listed? Is the author qualified to provide information on this topic?
  • Accuracy: Where does the information come from? It is evidence-based? Has it been reviewed by a professional board? Can you verify the information from other sources? Does the language seem unbiased?
  • Purpose: What is the purpose of the information? Are the author's intentions clear? Is this information factual, or is it opinion or propaganda? Is it objective and impartial?​​​