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Copying and Printing

Copy Machines

The copy machine for student use is located on the first floor near the plasma TV.


  • Black/white copies @ 10 cents per copy
  • Color copies @50 cents per copy
  • Coins or currency only accepted for payment
  • Double-sides copies @20 cents per double-sided b/w pages; $1.00 per double-sided color page


  • Paper sizes: 8 1/2" x 11" and 8 1/2 x 14"
  • LIbrary-supplied paper for public use; standard white multi-purpose paper
  • Enlargement features are available
  • Stapling feature is NOT supported by library

Go Print Printer Stations & Copy Card Vending Machine

Go Print printing stations to support computer printing are available:

  • near the Periodicals shelves
  • at the self-service desk on the second floor
  • Note: Go Print does NOT support printing for student-owned wireless laptops    
  • Printing Instructions


  • Black/white copies @ 10 cents per copy
  • Color copies @ 30 cents per copy
  • Payment by copy card only
  • Double-sided copies:
    • Available ONLY on color printers @ 30 cents per copy, i.e. 60 cents per double-sided document
    • INSTRUCTIONS for double-sided color prints for library desk-top PCs:
      • Select "Print" command
      • select "GoPrint Color"
      • select "All" pages to print; or "Pages" if printing selected pages
      • Click on "Preferences" button; select two-sided copy and select
      • Flip on long side"
      • Click on "OK"
      • Click on final print "OK" command
  • A computer user can make and print more than one copy of a document from a single print command at a desk-top PC
    • the total printing price is displayed on the Go Print computer in the Cost column
  • Paper sizes: 8 1/2" x 11"
  • Paper supported by library for public use: standard, white multipurpose paper
  • Printer destination
    • First floor PCs send print jobs to the 1st floor printers ONLY; the default printer is GoPrint1
    • Second floor PCs send print jobs to the 2nd floor printers ONLY, the default printer is
    • GoPrint2
    • Library wireless laptops send print jobs to the first floor, the default printer GoPrint1
  • A document sent to the printer and not printed immediately remains available for one hour from the time it was sent before it is automatically deleted.

Copy Card Vending Machine 

Located on the first floor at the GoPrint printing station

Payment for initial purchase of card includes a fifty cents fee for the card itself.

Cards may be purchased / value may be added in the amounts of $1, $5, $10, etc.

Currency ONLY accepted

Copy card CANNOT  be used with Xerox copy machine.


 ​The Xerox Book Center located on the first floor allows students to scan images and documents for a fee (5 cents per page). The files can be scanned to the following destinations:

  • Smartphone – must have a barcode reader to scan QR code
  • Email – must have a Yahoo, Gmail or MSN account

  • USB

  • Google Drive

  • Sky Drive