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Finding OER

​​​​​​As a rule of thumb, try to stick with California OERs as other states tend to have less restrictions. In some faculty's experience this can make it more difficult to use the resrouces in California courses.

For a list of OER courses at SCC please look here:

A good place to start is the ASCCC Open Education Resources Initiative
​Professional reviewed resources include OpenStax, Lumen Learning, and CK12.
​A directory of open access journals is searchable from DOAJ
LibreText is a repository of OERs and can combine various books together and is considered a great place to start. Tip: The best way to search is through Google Advanced Search using
​​For collaborations try the OERI Canvas Course, OpenOregon, and Cool4Ed

This list is not comprehensive and is meant as a starting off point. Please contact Seth Daugherty​ for more information on these resources.