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Faculty Stories

Below are faculty who have tried or are currently using OER and their experiences:

Darlene Diaz

"My journey with OER started in 2011 where I participated in the Kaleidoscope Project for constructing an Intermediate Algebra course using OER. In the last decade, I have continued to create, develop, and pilot OER in my classes in addition to sharing with my department, where our department has had five OER textbook adoptions (currently four active). I am currently using OpenStax's Introductory Statistics and Precalculus, and Math for Liberal Arts Majors in which I authored/mixed. For a full list of authored OER textbooks, click here: Darlene's Lulu Bookstore"​

Denise Foley

"My experience with OER is rooted in a collaborative effort to develop a free access lab manual for the introduction to biotechnology laboratory. We now use this lab manual on our campus for the Biology 190L course.  This work involved several faculty and some staff to finalize and publish on LibreText. I am currently working with another team of microbiologists across the state to develop an OER lab manual for microbiology. I hope this manual will be available by the next academic year."

Vivien Vue

"The benefits of providing students with the resources they need to succeed is truly what inspires me to continue my work with OER.  One of my first classes I taught at SCC was Counseling 113, Learning Strategies for Student Success. There were many first-generation and low-income students in my class that semester.  These students had a difficult time with the course because they couldn't afford the book that was required.  After one semester of teaching the course, I decided to explore OER to ensure that all of students have access to the text needed for the class.  I did some exploration and came upon an OER text, Student Success which was created by College of the Canyons.  After implementing the OER text the following semester, I received positive feedback from students about the content.  Students also appreciate that fact that the book was free.  While researching the OER text, I realized that there are many community colleges that have embraced OER and can be a great resource for me and my students.  I am now working towards implementing another OER text with counseling faculty for Counseling 116, Career/Life Planning and Personal Exploration.  I hope that by sharing my experience with OER, more faculty will join me in our efforts to provide free or low-cost text for our students."