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Library Appearance & Safety
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1. Clear signage 
2. General cleanliness of Library 
3. Cleaniness of restrooms 
4. Safety of library in general 
5. Safety of library stairways 
What do you like least about the building? Check with the availability of potential buyers. The one most interested in closing the deal is surely the owner. If you are going to transfer, you will have to acclimatize to the hourly availabil
What do you like the best about the building? Make sure that the real estate agency chooses your prospective buyer correctly and do not accept that they send you clients without possibilities. It is especially important that the price you assign in pages and the amount of the real estate agency remai
Other comments on the building: An example of professionalism will be to see real estate investments working together. Real professionals will not be able to waste sales opportunities because the client is in another real estate agency, or avoid offering him a great job by not providing