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Angela Guevara

Angela Guevara

Assistant Professor and Faculty Coordinator

of Adults with Disabilities

Spring 2018 Office Hours: January 8 - May 24

Monday - Thursday 8am to 5pm Friday 8am to 12pm

Office location: College and Workforce Preparation Center
 1572 North Main Street,
 Orange, CA 92867

Contact Number: (714) 628-5987

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Spring Session 2 (04/9/18-06/30/18)
  1. WKPR 012 Applying Reading Skills on the Job
  2. WKPR 013 Applying Writing Skills on the Job
  3. WKPR 011 Introduction to Handling Money
  4. WKPR 003 Getting Around Town
  5. WKPR 002 Self-Advocacy
Summer Session (07/02/18 - 08/01/218)
  1. ​​WKPR 001 Transition to Higher Learning
  2. WKPR 009 Beginning Computers

Students in the Adults with Disabilities Program should be able to:

  1. Benefit from education in a group setting
  2. Productively perform academic work independently with minimal assistance from instructor and IA
  3. Follow directions and stay on task for a reasonable period of time
  4. Maintain a satisfactory attention span to benefit from an 50 minutes of continuous instruction in a setting with distractions
  5. Use sufficient language comprehension skills to benefit from the class
  6. Participate in meaningful classroom activities
  7. Use receptive and/or expressive language
  8. Use appropriate behavioral and emotional responses

The Mission of the Program for Adults with Disabilities

To provide life, employment, and foundational educational skills to students with intellectual, developmental, and/or learning disabilities through specialized curriculum.  To provide students with the opportunity to earn a certificate of completion, transition into competitive wage employment, or transfer to credit classes. To provide employers with the opportunity for education on employees with disabilities.