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History 121H: S. Reed

U.S. History Since 1865

Tips for Studying for Tests

Tests will be composed of 25 short identifications worth 2 points each (for a total of 50 points) and an essay worth 50 points (for a total of 100 points). An example for the short identification: Christopher Columbus (“Sent by the Spanish crown in 1492 to attempt to reach Asia by sailing west from Spain”). There will be a choice of essay questions from approximately 3 to 5 questions, you will choose and write on ONE TOPIC ONLY. Essay questions will be very broad in scope- for instance- “Discuss the importance of religious freedom as a motivation for people to come to the New World.”

Hints: The Identification questions will be selected from those shown in the Power Point presentations show during class. Focus on those terms that were mentioned more than once and which we discussed at length in class. For the essay, focus on the broad themes we discussed in class (as in the example of Religious freedom shown above). There is no set length for your essay. It should be long enough to cover the subject. Try and bring in as many points from the lectures, readings and even from your general knowledge as possible. Remember that we will have a review season in the class before all tests

There are really no secrets in life! To be successful on these tests follow these simple steps: 1. Attend class and take notes. 2. Do the reading. 3. Attend the review sessions. 4. Study before the test.