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Eng N60/061 Required Component

​​​​​Every student enrolled in an English N60 or 061 course is also scheduled for one hour each week in the Writing Center. This additional hour is a requirement and will be used to complement the skills you are gaining in your main course while also providing extra services to improve any areas of weakness. The arranged hour will consist of short lectures on grammatical concepts and practice time for computerized instruction/research or one-on-one conferencing with the faculty member on duty. Students are encouraged to bring the writing assignments they are working on in order to ask specific questions about their tasks. Writing Center professors are not there to edit students' work; they will guide students to discover their own errors and make suggestions for improvements.

Students will use their student ID card to log in and out of each writing center session, and their primary instructor will receive bi-monthly attendance records to show their participation. The credit for the center will constitute 15% of their main course grade. If students fail to fulfill the writing center requirement, they cannot pass English N60/061 and will need to retake it at a later date. If students are unable to attend their regularly scheduled writing center hour for a given week, then they can make up the time by going to one of the Open Hour sessions.

 Writing Center Requirements

  • Weekly Attendance in Writing Center, Humanities Building, 2nd Floor
  • Purchase of the Writing Center Guide and Workbook ($24) and a two-pocket folder with a design of your choice
  • Completion of Exercises in Writing Center Guide & Workbook (purchased in the SCC Bookstore)
  • Registration with MyWritingLab, a computer program to which you will be given access codes in your Workbook and with which you will work on several modules to practice grammar and mechanics
  • Conferences with the WC instructor (two of them)
  • Composition of Two WC paragraphs (prompts in your Workbook)