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N05 Overview




Instructor:  Kathy Moore                  Class Hours:                                               

Extension:  714-628-4923                  Email:


SOFTWARE (Required): Mathzone

TEXT(recommended): Streeter/Hutchison, Basic Mathematical Skills, 7th Ed, McGraw-Hill, ISBN 007304833X    


COURSE OVERVIEW:  This course reviews whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, basic geometry formulas and signed numbers.  This course is intended to provide students with the strong foundation in basic arithmetic skills necessary for future success.

     Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  1.     Read, define and apply arithmetic vocabulary and symbols
  2.     Evaluate and perform order of operations on simple arithmetic expressions
  3.     Recognize basic geometric figures and evaluate simple properties of these figures
  4.     Apply arithmetic principles to solve simple real world problems


COURSE WORK: Instruction in this course will be done mainly on the computer using the Mathzone system.  There will also be additional instruction by the instructor.  The student will be given various assignments in each module.  These will be found in the module packet given to each student at the start of the module.  Upon completion of the assigned work, the student may take the written exam for the module.


Textbook Assignments:  To succeed in this class, you must do the homework.  Copy the assigned problems from the text and work them out.  Then check the answers in the back of the text and correct any errors.  If you do not understand an error get help from an instructor, aide or fellow student.  It is your responsibility to be sure you understand every problem that is assigned.  Upon completion, turn in your assignment and once returned, put it in your notebook.

Journals:  Each student may be required to write in a journal weekly.  These journals will be turned into the instructor and once returned, will be kept in your notebook.

Manipulatives:  Manipulatives are anything that can serve as a math model that enables students to see mathematics more clearly.  Each module has manipulative activities assigned-see module packet for the details.

Quest for Numeracy: Each module has some worksheets that will help show math’s relevance and applications.

Individual/Group Activities: Each module has both individual and group activities assigned as described in the module packet.


MODULES: This course is divided into 6 modules.  Successful completion of each module results in .5 unit of credit with a grade of “Cr”.  Successful completion of all 6 modules and the final exam results in 3 units of credit with a grade of “Cr” ( .5 x 6=3).


      Module 1  Whole Numbers         Test passed-----Student receives .5 unit credit with a grade of Cr                         .5

      Module 2  Fractions                   Test passed-----Student receives .5 unit credit with a grade of Cr                         .5

      Module 3  Decimals                    Test passed-----Student receives .5 unit credit with a grade of Cr                         .5

      Module 4  Proportions/Percents Test passed-----Student receives .5 unit credit with a grade of Cr                         .5

      Module 5  Geometry                   Test passed-----Student receives .5 unit credit with a grade of Cr                         .5

      Module 6  Signed Numbers      Test passed/Final Exam taken-Student receives .5 unit credit with a grade of Cr    +.5

                                                                                                                                                                                         3.0 units

               Tests for each module will be given by the instructor.  If you complete it successfully, you will receive .5 unit of “Cr”.  If you do not succeed the first time, with additional preparation you may retake the test as many times as necessary until you are successful!  You may not take the next module test until you are successful on the current module.

In order to complete this course in one semester it is recommended that the student use the following schedule as a guide.                    


  Unit         Completed by  end of week:                 I finished on:                Grade on test:


      1                      4                                              _________________         ___________


      2                      7                                              _________________         ___________


      3                      9                                              _________________         ___________


      4                      11                                             _________________         ___________


      5                      13                                             _________________         ___________

      6                      15                                             _________________         ___________

 Final Exam           16                                             _________________         ___________


NOTEBOOKS: Each student will be required to prepare and keep a notebook for this course.  IT will be brought to class each day.


CALCULATORS:  Students will need a scientific calculator in this course.  We recommend a scientific calculator with a fraction bar such as the TI-30.


ATTENDANCE: All students are expected to be in class as scheduled.  If desired, a student can work additional hours in the Math Study Hall.  Absences due to illness should be reported to the instructor upon return.  It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw officially from a course.  A student may be dropped due to excessive absences.


CHEATING: The instructor has little tolerance for cheating.  Any student who cheats or attempts to cheat during a test will receive a ZERO for that test.   Likewise, any student whose paper is copied from will receive a grade of ZERO.  Any student who receives a zero for cheating will receive a grade of “F” in the course, if a second instance of cheating occurs or is suspected.


Accommodations for Disabilities

Students with verifiable disabilities who want to request academic accommodations are responsible for notifying their instructor and Disabled Students Programs and Service (DSPS) as early as possible in the semester. To arrange for accommodations, contact DSPS by phone at (714) 628-4863 or (714) 639-9742 (TTY) or stop by the DSPS Center in E-105.



      INSTRUCTOR TUTORING- Instructor will be available - Office hours—See my webpage


            MATH STUDY HALL   SCC-U-80 - Help available.  The MaSH is a quiet place for drop in tutoring and studying,  The computers there have Mathzone installed.    Math Study Hall (MaSH) Registration

            The MaSH is a service provided by SCC that gives students a chance to supplement the learning done in the classroom. There will always be a math faculty member, Instructional aides, and student workers on duty to assist you when needed. There are also computers in the room on which students can access mathematical software or do work for their on-line math class. The MaSH is located in rooms U-78, 79, and 80 (entrance in U-80). Hours of operation for Fall 2009 are Monday thru Thursday 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, and Saturday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

            To use the MaSH, you must register for Math 083L (21491). This is a .2 unit class that will cost $4 (resident) for the entire semester. You can register for the MaSH when you register for classes or just go to admissions on the ground floor of the E building. Once registered, you can enter and exit the MaSH at any time during hours of operation. When you enter, you will slide your student ID card or just type in your student ID number at the MaSH sign in computer (no SSN). When you leave, you will sign out the same way. Signing out is very important. You may lose the hours you put in if you do not sign in and sign out appropriately.

            Math 083L is a credit/no credit class. To receive credit for the class, you must complete 9 hours during the semester. We track this information through the sign in computer, so it is very important to sign in/out every time you use the MaSH.

            If you have any questions please contact Darlene Ornelas at 714-628-4958.


                 TUTORING CENTER-SCC - U-80 - Individual tutoring.

      VIDEOS:   Videos relating to specific topics may be available in the Library or Math Study Hall.