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Trig Intersession

Trigonometry is a course in plane trigonometry for people who have a knowledge of geometry. While this class touches on applications in surveying, directional headings, graphing and vectors, it does not include spherical trigonometry for those interested in navigation.  While in this class, you will:
1. Analyze, sketch and apply the six trigonometric functions and polar equations using such principles as asymptotic, periodic, and reciprocal behavior, as well as plotting points generated by a table or electronic device.
2. Model, evaluate and solve equations and real-world problems using inverse functions, the Law of Sines, the Law of Cosines, technological tools, and algebraic techniques.
3. State, verify and apply trig identities, including but not limited to reciprocal, co-function and Pythagorean identities, sum and difference identities, double- and half-angle identities.

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