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Intermediate Algebra

Math 080 is designed to cover many topics found in a year long algebra two course. By the end of the course you will build on your foundations of algebra to extend your knowledge of mathematical problem solving and apply problem solving techniques to model both
mathematical and real world contexts.  As a student of mathematics, you are expected to
1. Create mathematical models of real world phenomena, apply those models to make
predictions about the behavior of the phenomena, apply appropriate problem
solving techniques, and critically evaluate the veracity of the obtained results.
2. Clearly communicate their mathematical reasoning and problem solving skills using a
variety of formats, diverse technologies, and appropriate mathematical vocabulary
and notation.
3. Integrate into educational and professional conduct a calm, confident, and ethical
approach to mathematical reasoning and problem solving while taking personal
responsibility for mathematical successes.
By the end of this course, you should demonstrate the ability to:

a. Read, define and apply algebraic and functional vocabulary and symbols
b. Evaluate and perform algebraic operations on rational, radical, exponential and
logarithmic expressions
c. Set up and solve word problems involving quadratic, rational, absolute value, radical,
exponential and logarithmic expressions.

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