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Business Calculus Spring

​Math 150 is a one semester course in calculus for students who plan to  major in business, management, or social and biological sciences.  You will be covering such diverse topics as functions, modeling, limits, rates of change, derivatives, exponential and log functions, integration and differential equations.  As time permits, we will work with functions of several variables.  We will investigate the solutions to differential equations as they apply to business and medicine.

This course emphasizes analyzing data in a variety of real world applications.  You will use graphing calculators to depict lists of data, suggest matching functions and chart their progress.  By the end of the course you should be able to:

1. apply critical thinking, analytical reasoning and problem solving techniques to model real world data in the fields of business, economics, social sciences and biology.

2. solve problems using differentiation and integration of single and multi-variable functions.

3. Interpret and communicate mathematical results in a clear and accurate manner, and

4. analyze the results of modeling real world data and contrast interpolative and extrapolative barriers to their application.

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