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SCC's Math Club

Santiago Canyon College's Math Club engages all SCC students in mathematics, encourages student collaboration and participation in on-campus math-related activities, exposes students to further educational and career opportunities in mathematics and provides community outreach to better prepare future college students for mathematics.

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Why the Math Club?

Joining the SCC Math Club is a perfect opportunity to participate in campus-wide activities, be a member in an academic club and expand your academic resume. SCC's Math Club is also great for networking, working closely with math faculty and engaging your peers in mathematics.

What events/activities does the Math Club host?

SCC’s Math Club hosts fun-filled math activities like solving the Rubik’s Cube, Sudoku Bingo, Tetris competition, Blackjack and a math movie night with free refreshments. The Math Club encourages students to participate in the AMATYC SML competition (national math competition), Trig*Star, Community Science Night, STEM Day and other community service events. The Math Club also volunteers at local high schools to tutor high school students in their math classes.

Who's in the Math Club?

There is a wide diversity in the students who join the Math Club. Many of the students are math majors, are majoring in another STEM major, just enjoy math or want to socially network with other SCC students. In any case, the Math Club is here for anyone wanting to participate.

How do I join the Math Club?

SCC students who are interested in joining the Math Club can directly email the club at or see a math club advisor.

Math Club Advisors:

Darlene Diaz: or office SC-124

Vanessa Jones: or office D-116-9

Where are the Math Club meetings?

SCC’s Math Club meets weekly on Mondays in room T-107 (next to the Hawk’s café) usually at 4 p.m. Time and day is usually determined by the members. An email is sent a week prior to each meeting date and time so that students have plenty of notice.