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Welcome to Online Learning

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Santiago Canyon College is committed to using technology to increase student success by removing barriers that limit access to learning. We are committed to using innovative technologies that promote learning, increase motivation, connect us as a community, and that allow time for motivating exercises that allow students to apply, analyze, evaluate, and create.

​​​Santiago Canyon College has switched from Blackboard to Canvas!

To log in with your WebAdivor ID and Password, please click the link, or icon, below. 

Login to Canvas


​​Important Information​

*Remember that traditional classes may not use Canvas. Contact your instructor with any questions. 
**Students, please check WebAdvisor for your official grade. Grades listed in Canvas are unofficial. ​

​Do you need help?​

​For help with Canvas, Call (844) 629-6834 for Questions, Help & Support. They are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Need help with your WebAdvisor ID or password? Please contact Admissions at (714) 628-4901.

​First time logging into Canvas?​​

​If this is your first time logging into Canvas you may be redirected to the OpenCCC page.

OpenCCC is the California Community College application system, that you used to apply to SCC.


If you remember your OpenCCC username and password, us it to login.

If you don't remember your password:

  1. Click to "Create a New Account".

  2. When you click to "continue" you will be informed if you have an existing account.

  3. Click to have your reset password sent to you.

  4. Open your email and click on the reset password link.

  5. Change your password.

  6. Login to Canvas with your WebAdvisor ID.  Upon redirection to OpenCCC, enter your CCC Username and new password.

  7. You should now be logged into your Canvas Account.

  8. This is the only time you will need to synchronize your CCC Apply account with Canvas at SCC.

If you need to create a new OpenCCC account:

  • Open a new browser

  • Type in and create a new CCC account

  • Use the same WebAdvisor user ID & Password for your Open CCC User ID & Password

    • Please note, if you do not know your social security number, or if you decline to provide this information, there is an option to do so under the entry box.

  • Once CCC account is created, close all browser windows

  • Go to Canvas and log in again. It will redirect you to Open CCC again. Log in with your WebAdvisor User ID & Password

  • You should be redirected back to Canvas

  • The next time you log into Canvas, use your WebAdvisor User ID & Password

If the problem persists and you receive an error message, please contact OpenCCC support at 877-247-4836 or

More about Canvas!​​​

Let us tell you a bit about this new Learning Management System.

Here are some quick highlights.

  • Canvas is mobile! You'll enjoy a mobile or tablet App that works the way you want it to.
  • Canvas is fast and is built on cloud computing. So tools like Google Docs, DropBox, and Twitter are all built right in to the system.
  • Canvas is easy to use and is intuitive. Since all Canvas classes follow the same organization, you'll find what you need in less time.
  • Canvas is functional. Now you and your teachers can communicate easily with the Canvas inbox and through the grade book, where you can have a conversation about your assignment.

We are really excited about the change and there are hundreds of features that we know you will love about our new Learning Management System. But converting to a new Learning Management System takes time. Your teacher may be using Blackboard or they may have switched over to Canvas. Please confirm with your teacher to see which system your class is using. Also, not all classes use a Learning Management System. If you do not see your class listed in either Canvas or Blackboard, please ask your teacher for details.