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Online Learning FAQ

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About Online Courses

  1. What is Distance Education?

  2. How do I take an online course?

  3. How much do online courses cost?

  4. How do I register for an online course?

  5. How can I find out about specific course requirements and books?

  6. When will I see my class in Canvas?

What is Distance Education

According to the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, “Distance education is defined, for the purpose of accreditation review as a formal interaction which uses one or more technologies to deliver instruction to students who are separated from the instructor and which supports regular and substantive interaction between the students and instructor, either synchronously or asynchronously. Distance education often incorporates technologies such as the internet; one-way and two-way transmissions through open broadcast, closed circuit, cable, microwave, broadband lines, fiber optics, satellite, or wireless communications devices; audio conferencing; or videocassettes, DVDs, and CD-ROMs, in conjunction with any of the other technologies."  

In short, Distance Education classes are regular college credit classes that are delivered using internet technologies through our Learning Management System, Canvas. Distance Learning classes typically have a more flexible schedule and require a lot of reading and interaction with your instructor and peers through chat rooms, discussion boards, and other communication technologies. These regular interactions will help to support learning at a distance. 

It is important to note that Distance Education classes are not right for everyone. Please take our short quiz to help ensure that Distance Learning is right for you.

How Do I Take an Online Course

Online students must have access to a computer with Internet access. We currently recommend that you have two browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox (Mac or PC), Safari (Mac), and/or Google Chrome (Mac or PC). You will communicate with your instructor electronically via email, a discussion board, and through assignments through Canvas. Your instructor will deliver electronic lectures and assignments but will also initiate contact with you by responding to discussion posts, providing assignment feedback, and monitoring your course progress and course interaction. In addition, students can telephone the instructor or come to campus during designated office hours, if desired. Make sure you check your professor's Syllabus for detailed information on how they prefer to be contacted.  

How Much Do Online Classes Cost 

Online and Hybrid classes cost the same as traditional lecture classes. Please contact Admissions for current tuition.

How Do I Register for an Online Class

Registering for online or hybrid classes is the same as registering for traditional lecture classes. Please refer to our Enrollment Webpage for more detail.  

How can I find out about specific course requirements and books? 

You can find information, compare prices, and order your books online through our Bookstore.

When will I see my class in Canvas?

Enrollment in Canvas  for each of your classes happens automatically. If you have added your course after the initial enrollment period, you will be automatically enrolled into Canvas, for that added class, typically within 12 hours. You will need to log in to Canvas using your WebAdvisor ID and password to gain access to Canvas for your classes. Each of your professors will determine when/if their Canvas class is visible to you. Your professor may hide their Canvas site until the start of the semester.