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Distance Education Important Information


Disatnce Education​ at Santiago Canyon College

Distance Education classes are regular college credit classes that are delivered using internet technologies through our Learning Management System, Canvas. Distance Education classes typically have a more flexible schedule and require a lot of reading and interaction and communication with your instructor and peers Distance Education instructors will communicate with their students on campus, by telephone, or via email, to discuss concerns or questions which may develop during the course. Instructors will interact with students through chat rooms, discussion boards, and other communication technologies. These regular interactions will help to support learning at a distance.  Online courses require students to have access to a computer with an individual email account and access to the Internet. Internet access is available to students in the Santiago Canyon College Library.

Types of Distance Education Classes Offered

​Fully Online Classes​

​Hybrid Cla​sses​​

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Students enrolling in online courses will have the opportunity to complete their course work outside of the classroom.

​Students enrolling in a hybrid course will be required to come to Santiago Canyon College for a portion of their course. Hybrid courses will list all required meeting dates in the “comments” of the course listings section. 

Registration for Distance Education classes

Registering for online or hybrid classes is the same as registering for traditional lecture classes. Students register online through WebAdvisor.

Course requirements and books for Distance Education classes

You can find information, compare prices, and order your books online through our Bookstore.

Getting started in your Distance Education class

Enrollment in Canvas  for each of your classes happens automatically. If you have added your course after the initial enrollment period, you will be automatically enrolled into Canvas, for that added class, typically within 12 hours. You will need to log in to Canvas using your WebAdvisor ID and password to gain access to Canvas for your classes. Each of your professors will determine when/if their Canvas class is visible to you. Your professor may hide their Canvas site until the start of the semester. For official student grades, please check WebAdvisor. Grades listed in the Canvas LMS gradebook are unofficial.