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Welcome to SCC's Assessment Services!  Placement tests are not required for English, math or reading courses.  The only placement tests we administer at this time is Chemistry. 

All students are required to apply to SCC in order to obtain a course placement recommendation in English, math and reading.  High school performance information or Guided Placement will be utilized for English, math and/or reading course placement recommendations.  All students have access to transfer-level English, American College English (ACE)/English as a Second Language (ESL), and math courses.


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​​chem pic.JPGWant to learn more about​ our Chemistry Placement Exam?

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Interested in our American College English(ACE)/​English as a Second Language (ESL) program?

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Brushup on your English and math skills  by participating in our CROSSroads program.

Placement Data.JPGHow to access your Guided Placement Recommendations for English or ACE/ESL, Reading, and ​Math?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Challenging Placement Recommendations? 

Students:  If you would like to challenge your placement recommendations, follow this process:


1 . Meet with a counselor to discuss your placement recommendations.

2. Complete the Requisite Challenge Form and provide supporting documentation.

  • Documentation: Transcript (including International transcripts) showing coursework completed. For ACE/ESL additional paperwork such as catalog description or syllabus for course completed.

3. Submit the completed form to the appropriate department chair.


1. The Department Chair/Instructor reviews the challenge form and supporting evidence.  ​

2. Within 10 working days the student will receive a written notification of the decision and the challenge form will be processed by Admissions and Records.​​