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Math Success Center Information

​Math Success Center

​​Need Extra Help in a Math Class?

The Math Success Center is a zero-cost service provided by SCC that provides students assistance and supplement learning done in the classroom. A math faculty member, ​an instructional assistant, or a student tutor is always on duty to assist students with questions or concerns from their math class. Additionally, computers are av​ailable for students to access mathematical software or do work for an online math class. Students also have access to limited instructional videos and computer tutorial programs.  

The Math Success Center is Now Online!

Due to the campus closure from COVID-19, the Math Success Center is now offering services online. Already registered? Start using these new services today! Log into Canvas and select the Math Success Center course (MATHCE 100).  Not registered? It's easy!  See "How to Enroll" below. 

​How to Enroll​

Click below to activate the MSC course card on your Canvas dashboard

Fa2020 Registration Instructions.pdf