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Guided Self-Placement

​​​​Guided Self-Placement


What is Guided Self-Placement and How Does it Work?

The Guided Self-Placement tool for English, math and reading provides students with the ability to rate their level of comfort with math problems, English prompts, and reading passages.   Students receive course placement recommendations within 3-5 business days (weekends and holidays excluded) of completing the Guided Self-Placement questionnaires. 

Who Should Take the Guided Self-Placement?

Students who want to enroll in English and/or math courses and have been out of high school for more than 10 years or fall into other circumstances where course placement based on high school performance do​​es not apply should complete the Guided Self-Placement questionnaires.  Students who did not complete Algebra II in high school and would like to major in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) are strongly encouraged to take the Math Guided Self-Placement.​

Browser Requirements:

Please use one of the following browsers to complete the Guided Self-Placement Questionnaires.

​​​Google Chrome logo​  Google Chrome

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Microsoft Edge​

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