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Chemistry Placement Test

The Chemistry Placement Test is offered for students who wish to complete advanced coursework in Chemistry at SCC.  In order to complete the Chemistry Placement Test, an individual placement test appointment must be scheduled.  To schedule an individual appointment for the Chemistry Placement Test, call the Testing Center at (714) 628-4812, or the Counseling Office at (714) 628-4800.

​Please ensure that you have already applied to the college, and have your 7-digit SCC student ID number available, before you call to schedule a placement testing appointment.

You are permitted to bring a basic calculator (for simple calculations - not a graphing or programmable calculator) to use during your Chemistry Placement Test.  A copy of the Periodic Table will also be provided for your use.  No other materials are permitted.   

Preparing for your
Chemistry Placement Test

If possible, it is also suggested that you review an Introductory Chemistry textbook prior to taking the Chemistry Placement Test at SCC.  This will help to prepare you for some of the basic concepts covered on this test.  To achieve maximum results, preparation will be key to success.