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ACE 116


ACE 116 Advanced, Introduction to Academic Composition (6 hours/4.5 units)

Advanced students are introduced to common academic writing tasks such as comparing/contrasting and supporting an argument. Students also produce a short research paper. The course emphasizes control of grammar, punctuation and mechanics within student papers. Students will also strengthen critical reading and vocabulary skills. Laboratory is required and includes class assignments, individualized work and writing conferences with the instructor. Lab is part of the scheduled class meeting hours.


Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the ability to summarize reading passages accurately, using correct source information, word forms and targeted vocabulary.  
  • Express a main idea, develop it effectively and control grammar and mechanics.​

Typical Assignment

For this essay, you will be contrasting the different ways that people have handled the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. You can also look at the ways other countries have responded to this pandemic and compare those responses with how the U.S. responded. You have three articles on these topics, and you will be using those articles to build your essay. Remember to name the experts and then add their job title because this gives them authority. This essay will be about 500-700 words, so it is a bit longer than our usual assignments. Please review page 4 of our syllabus to remind yourself of the grading requirements for essays.​

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English 100 / English 101, Freshman Composition

This is Freshman Composition, which is required for the Associate degree and is a pre-requisite for English 102 and 103, which may be required by students' transfer institutions. All students must pass this course with a C.  You will do longer readings across a variety of genres (fiction, nonfiction, poetry) and your essays will be about 1,000 words each. You will also complete a research paper of about 7-10 pages. ​