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ACE 106 and ACE 095 (Optional)

ACE 106-Academic Reading & Writing 2​ High Intermediate, 6 hours/4.5 units

Students receive intensive practice with strategies to improve their writing skills at the paragraph and short essay level. They also refine their grammar, vocabulary, reading and critical thinking skills. Lab is required and is part of the scheduled class meeting hours.

​Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the ability to summarize reading passages accurately, using correct source information, word forms and targeted vocabulary.  
  • Express a main idea, develop it effectively and control grammar and mechanics
Typical Assignment
  • In our first reading, we saw a comparison between humans and other primates in terms of their behaviors. Please write a summary of that article (about 300-400 words) and make sure you paraphrase (=use your own words). Be sure to include some of the new vocabulary that we studied, and also be sure to include the names of the researchers who are mentioned in the article.  Before you start writing, review our syllabus page 4 to remind yourself of format and grading requirements.

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ACE 095-Academic Listening and Speaking 2​  (2 hours/2 units)

High-intermediate speaking and listening skills course. Students will increase their ability to understand and summarize longer lectures, engage in group discussions and do effective presentations. Lab and online research may be required for some assignments.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate listening comprehension skills at a high intermediate level.  
  • Demonstrate speaking skills which include control of English pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.

​Typical Assignment

  • Google the following topics: (1) Koko the gorilla; (2) therapy animals for the ill and disabled; and (3) training K-9 dogs for police work.  After reading a little about each one, choose one topic to read more about. Also use YouTube and TED Talks—they might have some videos on your topic. Be able to talk about your topic for 3 minutes in a small group at our next class meeting. Your group members will ask questions, so be prepared to answer them. The next step will be to set up an appointment with the instructor and to share what you have learned with her. Please review the syllabus page 4 for the expectations and grading requirements.​