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ACE 104 + ACE 094 (Optional) Intermediate

ACE 104 Intermediate​ 6 hours/4.5 units  


In this course, students develop their skills in grammar and in writing paragraphs of about 200 -300 words. This course also builds students' vocabulary, reading and critical thinking skills. Laboratory is required and includes class assignments, individualized work and writing conferences with the instructor. Lab is part of the scheduled class meeting hours.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate reading comprehension skills at an intermediate level.
  • Demonstrate increasing fluency in academic writing which includes control of basic English grammar, mechanics, sentence combining strategies and vocabulary typical at an intermediate level.
​​Typical Assignment
  • You just read two articles in our book about the destruction which is caused by tornadoes, wildfires and other natural disasters. For the next class, do some research on a natural disaster that has occurred within the past three years in your native country or in the U.S.  Bring your notes to class because you'll be talking about the disaster in a small group. For homework, you will be writing about the different disasters that the people in your group presented. Take notes while your group members are talking, ask them questions, and make sure you understand what they are sharing.  Follow the format and typing guidelines in our syllabus on page 4.
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ACE 094 2 hours/2 units​


Intermediate-level students expand their speaking skills in English. They will practice different types of speaking tasks such as expressing and supporting opinions, restating what others have said, and paraphrasing what they have heard or read. This course also strengthens students' vocabulary and critical thinking skills. 

 Learning Ou​tcomes

  • Produce clear and accurate paraphrases of spoken discourse at an intermediate level.   
  • Present comprehensible information in a short presentation with fluency that is reasonable for an intermediate level.     

 ​Typical Assignment

  • You have done a group presentation about a natural disaster, and you have written about the ones that your group discussed. Now you will do a short presentation to the class on the disaster you chose. Your presentation must be between 5 to 7 minutes. You can bring pictures to show on the screen, but your main job is to talk to the class. Be sure to use note cards—do not memorize your speech because doing so usually makes people sound like robots! Check page 4 in our syllabus to review how you will be graded.