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Statistics, Liberal Arts Math (SLAM) Course Sequence

​A brief description of math courses is provided below along with links for additional information.

MATH 086: Intermediate Algebra for Statistics and Liberal Arts​.  Designed for liberal arts, and non-STEM majors. Includes topics such as graphs and functions, radicals, quadratics, polynomials, rational expressions and equations, exponential and logarithmic functions, data analysis, and probability, with an emphasis on modeling and solving applications.  Satisfies the prerequisite for Math 105 and Math 219. Satisfies the math requirement for an AA degree. Not Transferable to a university.

MATH 105: Mathematics for Liberal Arts Students. Includes various topics such as statistics, geometry, set theory, logic, and finance. Designed for non-STEM majors who do not need to take Statistics. CSU and UC transferable.

MATH 203:  Fundamental Concepts of Elementary Mathematics.  Designed for future elementary teachers.   Includes problem solving techniques and mathematical structure associated with numeration, set theory, elementary number theory, the real number system, ratio, proportion and patterns. CSU and UC transferable.

MATH 219: Statistics and Probability. Includes descriptive statistics, graphical displays of data, probability and sampling distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, regression, contingency tables and ANOVA.  Required by many non-STEM majors and a few STEM majors. CSU and UC (CI-D) transferable.

MATH N43: Statistics Support Course.  A review of arithmetic, algebra, and critical thinking skills needed to be successful in Math 219. Intended to be taken concurrently with Math 219 and is for students who did not directly place into Math 219 or for students who would like to supplement their learning with prerequisite skills needed for Statistics.

Math Success Center (MSC): Students can receive homework assistance and supplement learning done at the Math Success Center in D-209.  Computers are available for students to access mathematical software or do work for an on-line math class. ​​