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Math Guided Self-Placement

​​​​​About Math at Santiago Canyon College:

At SCC, we believe in providing you math course guidance based on what would be best for your career plans, subject readiness, life circumstances, and overall goals. It will take several minutes to complete the prompts and  your responses will help guide you toward the right course and best resources available to support your success. The best courses for you to take depend on your degree and/or transfer goals. If you are unsure of the degree you would like to pursue at this time, we recommend that you meet with a counselor to help you explore your options.  For counselor availability, please call (714) 628-4800 or stop by the Counseling Center in D-106 to schedule an appointment.
If you have experienced ongoing challenges with math or have received educational accommodations in high school or college, please contact Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) at (714) 628-4680 or visit their office at SCC Room E-105 for further assistance.

​Math Course Sequence:

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Statistics, Liberal Arts Mathematics (SLAM) Majors
Business Majors
Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematicians (STEM) Majors

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