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Course Placement Data

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Santiago Canyon College's (SCC) placement methods include the use of multiple measures whereby an overview of students' academic performance provides a means of course placement into transfer-level English, American College English (ACE)/English as a Second Language (ESL) and mathematics courses.  Placement recommendations are given to students who provide self-reported high school information, complete the Guided Self-Placement (GSP) modules or meet with a counselor. SCC’s ACE/ESL students take the Test for English Language Development (TELD) assessment and complete the ACE GSP for course recommendations. The Placement Dashboard below illustrates how SCC students placed based on these methods.

Instructions on How to Utilize the Placement Dashboard:

  • To view a specific subject, click on the dropdown button under “Subject" and select from English, mathematics, or ACE/ESL.

  • To view the placement method used, click on the dropdown button under “Placement Method" and select Counselor Waiver*, Guided Self-Placement*, High School Transcript*, TELD* or Other*

  • To view student course enrollment, select the specific course for which you want information.

  • Placement method by ethnicity is also shown based on course subject, placement method, and class enrollment.

Placement Dashboard



Counselor Waiver-Student spoke to a counselor and was waived into the specific course.

Guided Self-Placement-Student completed the Guided Self-Placement Questionnaires in English or ACE/ESL and/or mathematics.

High School Transcripts-HS Grade Point Average (GPA) was utilized to place students into transfer-level courses.

Test for English Language Development (TELD)​ for ACE/ESL placement recommendations.

Other-Students placed based on assessment and course enrollment​ prior to implementation of AB705.

​​If you would like additional information about this data, please contact Tyler Nguyen at or Dora Escobar at ​