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AB 705 Implementation at Santiago Canyon College

​Santiago Canyon College is in the process of reforming how placement is determined in English and math courses. Pursuant to AB 705, a bill that was passed by Governor Brown on October 13, 2017, requiring that California Community  Colleges adhere to the new requirements and the implementation guidelines by Fall 2019.   The bill requires that students have access to transfer-level coursework in English and math courses.  Placement into these courses will be determined by high school grade point average and high school coursework.  Additional measures like Guided Self-Placement will be utilized to maximize student placement.  It is strongly recommended that students meet with a counselor to discuss placement recommendations.  This ensures course selection is based on student's educational goal.

SCC's AB 705 Implementation Video:





​​Know Your Rights: The AB 705 Initiative and What it Means for Students




Starting November 1, 2018, students will be placed in English and math courses based on one or more of the following:

1. High School grade point average (GPA) and course completion

2. Review prior placement results with a counselor to determine if transfer-level coursework is recommended based on educational goal

3. Placement recommendations from Guided Self-Placement Questionnaire

Students who need to continue working on their English acquisition will need to take the American College English/English as a Second Language (ACE/ESL) placement exam.  Students interested in the ACE Program will need to call 714.628.4812 to schedule a placement appointment.

English and Math Department Course Offerings for AB 705 Compliance:

1. Course offerings of English 101 with English N70 support, Math 219 with Math N98 support, Math 170 with Math N98 support are available to help students complete transfer-level coursework

2. Creation of English and Math Guided Self-Placements

3. Curriculum development of a new transfer-level English course with embedded support