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Course Catalog - Parent Education


Parent Education 527
Pre-Kindergarten "Parent and Me" Training

Credit(s): 0 | Class Hours: 22-132 | Open Entry/Open Exit 

Provides the opportunity for parents and others to learn the importance of providing appropriate early childhood experiences and preparing children for a successful kindergarten experience. Topics include school readiness, how to transform children's everyday world into an exciting learning environment, and how to stay positively involved in children's education. 

Parent Education 532
Effective Parenting

Credit(s): 0 | Class Hours: 45-132 | Open Entry/Open Exit 

Provides parents with an overview of child development milestones. Includes varied strategies for problem solving, effective communication, positive discipline and child-centered activities. Raises awareness of substance abuse, gangs, suicide and peer pressure. Encourages parents to take an active role to ensure the academic success, health and safety, and social well being of their children. 

Parent Education 544
Preparation for Childbirth
Credit(s): 0 | Class Hours: 18-36 | Open Entry/Open Exit

Provides prospective parents with information regarding the intellectual, physical and emotional components of the birth process. Emphasizes exercise techniques for relaxation, labor, birth, and postnatal care.