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What English Level are You

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Sample Writings at Each Level
ESL 300 - Literacy

​For students ​with no to very little English skills. 
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ESL 301 - Beginning Low

Sample Writing:​

marco cardenas
24 year old​
My number 949-55-59-988
(You can write very little.)​

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​ESL 302 - Beginning High

Sample Writing:
My name is Marco Cardenas.
I am married. I have four children.
I am listening to the teacher now. 

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​ESL 303 - Intermediate Low

Sample Writing:
I lived in Vietnam, but now I live in California.
I work part-time at a restaurant, and I love my job.
The doctor wants me to get plenty of rest.
We need to study hard and prepare for the future.

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​ESL 304 - Intermediate High

Sample Writing:
I have a difficult job. I am a nurse. Right now, it is difficult to do everything I want. I am married and have four children. They take up most of my time. I hope to study English so I can make more money and work fewer hours​​.

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​ESL 305 - Advanced Low

Sample Writing:
It is important to learn English. The more we study, the more we learn. My goal is to go the college in the United States. I have studied for three years. I have studied for three years, but I need a lot more practice. Maybe, I can study at school with other students soon. ​

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​​ESL - Advanced High

There are many important responsibilities we have as members of society. For example, we need to think carefully about what helps our friends and family stay safe. We also need a growth mindset. This means we should improve our skills and never give up. We can always learn if we just work hard. Our first goal should be to identify our responsibilities. 

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