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Citizenship for English Language Learners


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Learn English for the  Citizenship exam & interview.
Citizenship Exam

Understand forms you need to complete for citizenship.
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Learn about U.S. History and government.
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Classes will help you improve your English!

All classes are free and online.​

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U.S. Citizenship Facts

What does it mean to be a naturalized citizen?

A naturalized citizen is a citizen that was not born in the United States. They chose to become a U.S. citizen and successfully completed the application process. ​

What do you need to become a U.S. citizen?

If you are a permanent or conditional resident (you have a green card), typically you need to live in the United States for 5 years before you can apply to become a U.S. citizen.  If you have been a resident for 3 years and married to a U.S. citizen for 3 years, you are eligible to apply. 

Where can I find more information about becoming a U.S. citizen? 

You can research how to become a U.S. citizen online. There are very good websites and some websites that are not as reputable. The following link has been created by the U.S. government so you can trust the information provided: 

Do I need to speak English fluently to pass my citizenship exam?

No, you don't. If you can communicate in English and prepare for the exam in advance, it is possible to pass the exam. To do well on the citizenship exam, you need to study the right materials and work with qualified instructors.​