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STARS Program

Students Transition And Registration Seminar
This program is designed to bridge the transition from the Division of Continuing Education to college courses at Santiago Canyon College and other colleges. Many student are the first in their family to attend college and may not be familiar with the process. This will also prepare and inform student about financing their college tuition and expenses. Counselors are available to assist students with transitioning from non credit courses to credit courses.

Who Benefits? All SCC continuing education students benefit. Students who are ready to enroll in college coursework at SCC complete the college application, placement test and first semester course selection in a safe and familiar environment with assistance from SCC/OEC Counselors and Outreach staff. Students who are not yet ready to enroll in college credit classes can attend the sessions to find out about going to college and how to apply, enroll and pay for college classes.
                         Step 1   Attend College Application Workshop
                         Step 2    Attend College Advisement 
                         Step 3    Enroll in College Classes​
                         For more information, call (714) 628-5933