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Inmate Education Counseling

At Santiago Canyon College – Division of Continuing Education we have an Inmate Education Program which offers noncredit educational courses at all five of the Orange County jails. To supplement the learning happening in the classroom counselors meet with students within the jails to provide educational planning, resources and information.

Our program offers the following counseling services:

              • Educational counseling
              • Career counseling
              •  Personal counseling


In addition to in-custody meetings counselors meet with students post-release to continue with their educational and personal planning at Santiago Canyon College and beyond.

Rosalba Hernandez
Anacany Torres
Albert Alvano


If you identify as a formerly incarcerated student and would like to meet with one of our Counselors                please contact us at:
1937 W. Chapman Ave. Suite 200 (2nd Floor)
Orange, CA 92868