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Student Pictures in the classroom

Student Services


​​​​​​​​ Assessment Center 

A wide variety of academic, aptitude, vocational, interest and other assessments is provided to assist adults in educational and career planning.  

Disabled Students Program & Services (DSPS)

  • Priority registration
  • Registration assistance
  • Academic advisement
  • Learning disabilities assessment
  • Test-taking accommodations
  • Specialized instructional support
  • Assistive technology
  • Alternate media materials
  • Note-taking assistance
  • Interpreter services
  • Liaison with faculty, staff, community agencies  

Students are responsible for requesting DSPS services and for providing appropriate disability verification from a qualified professional. To apply for services, students must meet with a DSPS professional to complete a program application and have their needs evaluated.

For additional information, or to register with DSPS, contact:

DSPS Office, Room E-105
Santiago Canyon College
(714) 628-4860 (voice)
(714) 639-9742 (TTY)
Counseling Office, Room U-80
Division of Continuing Education
(714) 628-5929

STARS Program

Students Transition And Registration Seminar
This program is designed to bridge the transition from the Division of Continuing Education to college courses at Santiago Canyon College and other colleges. Many student are the first in their family to attend college and may not be familiar with the process. This will also prepare and inform student abut financing their college tuition and expenses. Counselors are available to assist students with transitioning from non credit courses to credit courses.

Who Benefits? All SCC continuing education students benefit. Students who are ready to enroll in college coursework at SCC complete the college application, placement test and first semester course selection in a safe and familiar environment with assistance from SCC/OEC Counselors and Outreach staff. Students who are not yet ready to enroll in college credit classes can attend the sessions to find out about going to college and how to apply, enroll and pay for college classes.
Step 1   Attend College Application Workshop
Step 2    Schedule an appointment to take the College Placement Test
Step 3    Take the College Placement Test
Step 4    Attend College Seminar and Advisement
Step 5    Enroll in College Classes
For more information, call (714) 628-5933


Several scholarships are made available to Continuing Education ESL students and high school graduates. Selection of scholarship recipients will be based upon recommendation of teachers and counselors, financial need, academic excellence, attendance, and minimum enrollment standards. For more information, call the Counseling office at 714-628-5929.

Outreach/Student Services

·   Assists with student recruitment
·   Seeks community resources, including community representatives to address 
students on a variety of topics
·   Provides workshops relevant to students' interests and needs
·   Sponsors and coordinates Job Fairs, Health Fairs, and Resource Fairs

Outreach Office:

    ​OEC Provisional Education Facility
1937 W. Chapman Ave.      
Orange, CA 92868 
​      College and Workforce Preparation Center
  1572 N. Main St., Orange, CA 92867

Service Area Outcome

Students will be placed correctly in the appropriate course or level and be introduced to other continuing education programs and services.

Student Learning Outcome

Students will be able to identify and use Student Services to help them attain their academic, career, and personal goals.