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Canvas Support

What is Canvas?​

In a traditional school, you have classrooms. When you go to your classroom, your teacher, class materials and fellow students are all there. Canvas is like your traditional school, but online. When you login to Canvas, you can access your online classes.  

Where can I access Canvas?

Access Canvas here or Click on the canvas Icon at the top of this page. 

What is my username and password for login?

Your username is your WebAdvisor ID.  It is a combination of two letters and 5 numbers. For example:  jh12345
Your password is your birthday. For example, if your birthday is April 26, 1990, your password will be: Apr261990

How can I access my course in Canvas?

When you login, you will see your courses (called 'shells' in Canvas). These courses provide contain everything you need to take your class. You can talk to your teacher and classmates in your course shell. Your classwork and homework is in your course shell. Even your live class zoom sessions happen in your course shell.  ​​

Additional Canvas Support