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Conference Room(s) Requested 101102105All101 & 102105 & 102
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Used primarily for educational settings or lecture type meeting.  The tables are arranged in a school room style.

Conference Style:

Used to promote open discussion among all participants.  Conference Seating is ideal for groups from 4 to 20.

Hollow Square:

Promotes open discussion among all participants. Generally used for groups from 4 to 20.


Used for one to four hour meetings, when writing tables are not needed.


Facilitates an open discussion with unobstructed views of the presenters or audiovisuals in the front of the room. This setup is perfect for instructive meetings or presentations.  Generally works best for groups up to 36.


Ideal for physical fitness classes, dances, receptions and other activities.  There are no tables in this setup and chairs are stacked to the side.

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