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Teacher Education Programs

Students planning to teach in the Elementary and Secondary levels or Special Education may begin preparation at Santiago Canyon College. The college offers programs of study which fulfill lower-division requirements for most university teacher credential programs, including an Associate in Arts in Elementary Teacher Education for Transfer (AA-T). The AA-T allows a student "guaranteed admission" to any CSU campus that declares it a similar degree. Currently 20 of the 23 CSU campuses accept the AA-T. 

Elementary School

Students planning to teach at the elementary (K-6) level will need rigorous coursework in general education as they are expected to pass a subject matter competency exam in "multiple subjects".  The SCC AAT is designed to cover the majority of subjects needed for that expertise​.

Secondary School

Teaching at the secondary (middle/high school) level requires a single subject credential. Students major in the subject they plan to teach and pass a subject matter competency exam or complete a state approved list of courses in the discipline. Students are advised to go to to review lower division coursework required by each CSU or UC campus for that major.  EDUC 200 and EDUC 210, offered at SCC, are recommended prerequisites for secondary credential programs. 

Certificate Programs

Students who are interested in working with youth, while pursuing their education to become a credentialed teacher, will want to complete our certificate program(s).  These certificates are "industry recognized" and can qualify students for state permits that allow them to work in After School programs, tutoring programs or as instructional aides.  This employment will satisfy the prerequisite of "experience working with youth" that is required for admission to most credential programs. 

Pathways to Teaching Counseling Services

Make an appointment with a Pathways to Teaching counselor (714-628-4928) to plan a streamlined program of study for any of the options above.