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Veteran Priority Registration

Spring 2021 Priority Registration Date.png 

Spring 2021 registration starts November​ 16 

Turn in your Priority Registration form early to make sure you are ready to register!

What about winter classes? 
SCC offers classes in the intersession between fall and spring. These classes take place during the month of January​.

Interested? Apply for Priority Registration!
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​​​​​Want to apply for priority registration? 

Click the link below to download the form!

Priority Registration Request Form 2020 SP Update.pdf

Send the form along with your supporting documents to the VSO via email at:

Questions? Contact Us!

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Basic Eligibility:

​In accordance with a state law under Title 5 Regulation 58108/Education Code Section 66025.8, our campus provides priority registration to eligible members of the U.S. Armed Forces and veteran students. As defined in the Education Code Section 66025.8, the U.S. Armed Forces means the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, National Guard, Naval Militia, Navy, and the reserve components of each of those forces, including the California National Guard.​ Dependents of veterans are not eligible for priority registration. 

To apply, students must meet the basic eligibility criteria below. There may be additional requirements when evaluating an applicant's eligibility. For details, contact our office. 

  • Be a current student or a new student who has a valid student ID number. 
  • Be in good academic standing (see loss of priority registration below).
  • Have an honorable discharge, a general discharge, or an other than honorable discharge​ or documentation showing active duty status.
  • Meet with an academic counselor to discuss class schedule and educational goals. 

Application Process:

For new students applying for the first time: 

  • Pick up the application in A-210 or download the application on our forms page. 
  • Meet with an academic counselor to get an Educational Plan for your classes.
  • Get a copy of your DD-214 or documentation of active duty status.
  • Turn in your application, Educational Plan, and DD-214 or documentation of active duty status to the VSO in A-210 at the start of the semester. 
For continuing SCC students: 
You do not need to apply every semester. However, if there has been a lapse in enrollment longer than two consecutive terms, you must contact the VSO to reestablish your priority registration. 


Loss of Priority Registration:

​Continuing students at SCC can lose their priority registration for the following reasons: 

  • ​Student has attempted 12 units and their RSCCD cumulative GPA has fallen below 2.0 for two consecutive semesters and is on academic probation 2). 
  • Student has attempted 12 units and the percentage of all coursework at SCC/SAC has an entry of “W", “I", “NP", and “NC" which reaches or exceeds fifty percent (50%). § 550313) .
  • Student has earned 100 or more degree applicable units from Santiago Canyon and Santa Ana Colleges.
For more information about the loss of priority registration, contact Admissions & Records at (714) 628-4901.  


Appeal Process: 

​Students who have lost their priority registration can submit an appeal with Admissions & Records in E-101. The appeal must be complete and include documentation. Appeals are not guaranteed to be approved. For more information about the appeal process, contact Admissions & Records at (714) 628-4901.